West Cliff cover image
Christian Rex van MinnenWest CliffFeb 27th - Mar 14th 2020

In “West Cliff”, Christian Rex van Minnen presents images of figures that appear to be travelers, figures in ecstatic dances or postures on the edge of a cliff. The show takes its name from the famous West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, California, where the artist has recently relocated from NYC. On any given day on West Cliff Drive, one can find surfers, homeless, and tech billionaires co-mingling on the geological and figurative crumbling edge of the western United States of America.

West Cliff, 2020, 2020Monotype30 x 66 inches
Dream Inn, 2020, 2020Monotype22 x 30 inches
Suicide Aliens, 2019, 2019Monotype22 x 30 inches
The Levee, 2019 , 2019Monotype22 x 30 inches
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