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Group ExhibitionSummer Summer Group ShowAug 26th - Sep 12th 2021

Nina Chanel Abney, Julian Adon Alexander, Patrick Alston, Corey Damon Black, Morgan Blair, Szabolcs Bozó, Ross Caliendo,  Ryan Travis Christian, Shaun Crawford, Timothy Curtis, Larissa De Jesús Negrón, Vyczie Dorado, Robi Dwi Antono, Nicasio Fernandez, Bryan Fernández, Marcela Florido, Mariah GW, Eric Haze, Asif Hoque, Annette Hur, En Iwamura, February James, Jabari Jefferson, Melissa Joseph, Michael Kagan, Hiroya Kurata, Adeshola Ludovic Nkoth, Erik Parker, Na’ye Pérez, John Rivas, Max Sarmiento, Koichi Sato, Hiba Schahbaz, Andrew Sendor, Eric Shaw, Christian Rex van Minnen, Raelis Vasquez, Nicole Wittenberg, Wu Yue, and Scout Zabinski

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66 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, NY
Nicasio FernandezRoasted, 2021Colored pencil on paper11 x 14 inches
Ryan Travis ChristianFUCK BUOY, 2020Graphite on paper 12 x 9 inches
Melissa JosephPacking for Kovalam, 2020Watercolor, marker, inkjet prints, thread, Scotch tape, Needle felted wool and sari silk on paper15 x 22 inches
Ross CaliendoUntitled, null12 x 9 inches
Wu YueChoke Sign, 202116.5 x 11.5 inches
Julian Adon AlexanderBlue Ranger with Posable Joints, 2021Graphite and acrylic on Bristol board11x8.5 inches
Eric HazeStudy With Ladders 1, 2020Graphite and india ink on Arches 300lb cold press30 x 22.5 inches
Roby Dwi AntonoBaby, Don't Be Afraid, 2021Graphite on paper15.75 x 14.25 inches
Shaun CrawfordBoss Hog 1, 2021Air brush acrylic and India ink on cold press paper31.25 x 22 inches
En IwamuraFantome, 2021Ink on paper 13 1/4 x 9 1/2 inches
Koichi SatoMullet Surfer, 2021Acrylic and oil pastel on paper18 x 12 inches
Asif HoqueFlying thru the Hamptons, 2021Charcoal on paper 24 x 19 inches
Szabolcs BozóUntitled, 2021Marker and oil stick on paper11.81 x 8.27 inches
Marcela FlóridoMarch, 2020Graphite on paper12 x 9 Inches
Roby Dwi AntonoPut All The Worries Behind Us, 2021Graphite on paper15.75 X 14.25
Scout Zabinski27 Club, 2021Acrylic on archival paper22 x 30 inches
Erik ParkerNitty Gritty, 2021Acrylic paint, drawing materials and collage on paper 22 x 30 inches
Nina Chanel AbneyDrew, 2021Paper collage12 x 12 inches
Annette HurTie (yellow and black), 2021Mixed media on paper14½ x 11½ x 1 inches (framed)
Corey Damon BlackSky Rider, 2021Acrylic + collage on paper30 x 22 inches
Ross CaliendoUntitled , null12 x 9 inches
Morgan Blair Here’s Everything We Know About TikTok’s Most MILF Irish Setter (Yes, That One), Her Latest Crypto Brunch Activation, & How You Could Score a Spot in Line For The Drop With Some of Today’s Hottest Minds, Including One Infamous Retired Maker (Think Hudso..., 2021egg tempera on paper25 x 22.5 inches
Eric Shaw Homeward Drone, 2021Acrylic on paper 16 x 20 inches
Michael KaganThe Action Is The Juice (teal), 2021Enamel on Saunders Waterford hot press 425g paper72 x 54 inches
Bryan FernándezPasame la Hookah, 2021oil pastel, yarn, glitter, aluminum foil, cardboard, decorative paper, construction paper, acrylic paint on paper24 x 18 inches
Hiba SchahbazNight Bloom, 2021Gouache, watercolor and gold leaf on wasli (handmade paper)20⅜ x 17⅛ inches
Melissa JosephLazy Sunday, 2020Wool and Sari Silk on paper11 x 15 inches
Jabari JeffersonSummer's Over Interlude, 2021Color pencil, acrylic, and mixed media collage on paper32 x 22½ inches
Adeshola MakindeUntitled, null
Adeshola MakindeUntitled, null
John RivasPortrait of Kim, 2021Mixed media on paper in artist's frame9 x 11 inches
Larissa De Jesús NegrónApparition of the Face of Lala, 2021Acrylic and Color pencil on paper 12 x 9 inches
Raelis VasquezEn el Canal, 2021acrylic on paper30 x 22 inches
Koichi SatoThe Boss, 2021Acrylic and oil pastel on paper 14.88 x 11.25 inches
Christian Rex van MinnenVisions for You , 2021Ink on paper (Monotype)20 x 28 inches
Max SarmientoEcuatorianos en el Parque, 2021Colored pencil, oil pastel and spray paint on paper19.25 x 25.25 inches (framed)
Timothy CurtisThirteen, 2021Pastel on paper 8½ x 11 inches
February JamesYou Can't Have My Shine, Baby I'n Doing Just Fine,, 2021Oil, oil pastel, acrylic, ink and watercolor on canvas22 x 22 inches
En IwamuraSomeone, 2021Ink on paper 13¼ x 9½ inches
Marcela FlóridoMask, 2020Graphite and ink on paper12 x 17 inches
Koichi SatoAmerican Farmer, 2021Acrylic and oil pastel on paper 18 x 12 inches
Nicole WittenbergThe Fisherman on Island Rocks 2, 2020Pastel on paper11 6/8 x 17 3/4 inches
Ludovic NkothUncle Serge, nullWatercolor on paper 23.5 x 17.5 inches
Na'Ye PérezGood Days, 2021Conté crayon, charcoal, chalk, gel transfer, rose gold leaf, and spray paint on paper. Mounted to wood panel20 x 16 x 1 inch
Roby Dwi AntonoYou And Me Against The World, 2021Graphite on paper15.75 x 14.25 inches
Na'Ye PérezSummer in LA, 2021Conté crayon, charcoal, chalk, Lino cut block print on rice paper, and spray paint on paper. Mounted to wood panel20 x 16 x 1 inch
Szabolcs BozóUntitled, 2021Marker and oil stick on paper11.81 x 8.27 inches
Christian Rex van MinnenSummer Strawberrys and Impulsive Tattoos , 2021Ink on paper (Monotype)20 x 28 inches
Annette HurSwimming, 2021Mixed media on paper
Max SarmientoUn Verano en Nueva York, 2021Collage, colored pencil, marker, oil pastel and spray paint on paper 25.25 x 19.25 inches (framed)
Vyczie DoradoTemporary Location, 2020Charcoal and pastel on paper, mounted in artist's tray frame with epoxy resin9 x 14¾ x 1¼ inches (per each individual tray)
Eric HazeStudy with Ladders 2, 2020Graphite and india ink on Arches 300lb cold press30 x 22.5 inches
Hiroya KurataBy the Pond, 2021Oil paint on paper30 x 22.5 inches
Julian Adon AlexanderCookies, 2021Acrylic and graphite on paper 12 x 9 inches
Mariah GWIn the middle of East Las Vegas, I got my hoodie on, 2021mixed media on paper, oil, acrylic, spray paint marker11 x 14 inches
Melissa JosephWorry Paper, 2021Cotton, Abaca, Worry Dolls11 x 17 inches
Andrew SendorThe Cloud Portraits: Chapter One, 2021Graphite on paper, Plexiglass mirror, Aluminum welded frame32.25 x 24.25 inches
Timothy CurtisDaydreaming Man in the The Water Face (Sun, Moon and Stars), 2020Watercolor on paper
Adeshola MakindeUntitled, null
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