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Marcela FlóridoMidnight BloomMar 2nd - Apr 15th 2023

Marcela Florido’s work thrives on uncanny combinations, both spatially and in terms of formal content, skillfully incorporating figuration and representation with the flatness and geometry of Concrete and Neo-Concretism. While playing with unabashed girlishness (stars, flowers, pink, etc.), her work addresses profound pictorial concerns central to painting. In a world where technology and social media have fundamentally changed our self-presentation, Florido’s exploration of self-portraiture takes on new significance.

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515 W 27th Street, New York, NY
Midnight Bloom, 2022Oil on canvas70 x 71½ in
Perhaps I could meet myself here, 2023Oil on canvas82 x 78½ in
Cosmic Violet, 2022Oil on chiffon76½ x 65 in
Sombra (Shade), 2022Oil on canvas40 x 36 in
Floresta de Tijuca, 2022Oil on chiffon76 x 66 in | Each
I've grown stars on this face of mine, 2023Oil on canvas80½ x 70 in
Apoteose, 2023Oil on canvas78⅜ x 68 in
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