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Jess Xiaoyi HanImplosionMar 2nd - Apr 15th 2023

This new body of work represents an evolution in Jess Han’s style—her compositions becoming denser, more frenetic. Her brand of abstraction, while highly controlled, as seen in her meticulous brushwork, is expressionistic. Han speaks of her paintings in psychological terms, often citing specific moments and experiences as direct references for her paintings. Han remarked upon the title of this exhibition: “Unlike an explosion that results in an outward burst of energy and debris, an implosion involves a collapse inward. Since my last show, I have undergone a significant internal transformation that has not only influenced my work but has also affected me as a person. I have learned to embrace the intensity.”

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515 W 27th Street, New York, NY
Implosion, 2023Alkyd and oil on canvas52 x 72 in
Untitled (Bulb), 2022Alkyd on canvas18 x 14 in
Sandstorm, 2023Alkyd on canvas32 x 26 in
Entropy #2, 2022Alkyd on canvas22 x 27 in
Effervescence #2, 2022Alkyd on canvas22 x 27 in
Falling into a manifold, 2023Alkyd and acrylic on canvas27 x 22 in
Stardust, 2023Alkyd and oil on canvas35 x 28¼ in
Entropy #1, 2022Alkyd on canvas14 x 17 in
Effervescence #1, 2022Alkyd on canvas14 x 17 in
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