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Ludovic Nkoth and John RivasFour WallsNov 18th - Jan 8th 2022
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515 W 27th Street, New York, NY
Ludovic NkothMorning Stars, 2021Acrylic on canvas40 x 30 inches
Ludovic NkothSermon, 2021, 2021Acrylic on Cavas72 x 48 in.
Ludovic NkothBanaga, 2019, 2019Acrylic on Canvas72 x 48 in.
John RivasTe Me Incas, 2021, 2021Acrylic and ink on Canvas in artist frame, collaged with beans, textiles, thread, embroidery, plant material, acetate leaves, felt, aluminum, earring, and twine. 43 x 56 in.
John Rivas2/2, 2021, 2021Acrylic on canvas, collaged with beans, acetate palm fronds, and clay. 40 x 30 in.
John RivasParque de los Mosquitos, 2021, 2021Acrylic on canvas, Collaged with thread, embroidery, beans, astroturf, textiles, staples, acetate flower, bread, clay, paper, cigarillo, rubber doll's foot, felt, earring, cardboard, and moss. 72 x 192 x 3 in.
Ludovic NkothProtected From Protection, 2021, 2021Acrylic on Canvas72 x 48 in.
Ludovic NkothThe Promised Land, 2021, 2021Acrylic on Canvas 72 x 48 in.
John RivasAh Huevos, 2021, 2021Acrylic and glitter on canvas in artist frame, collaged with metal license plates, leather glove, beans, embroidery, thread, textile, clay, coin, and metal nails. 36 x 20 in.
John RivasChicks n Fish, 2021, 2021Acrylic on canvas, Collaged with clay, bamboo, rope thread, embroidery, textile, plush fish toys, joint, cigarette, beans, and shells.72.5 x 60 in.
John RivasIvy League Man, 2021, 2021Acrylic and ink on canvas, collage with watch, earring, graduation cap, paper, beans, textile, thread, embroidery, clay, faux leaves, and pill. 65 x 66 3/4 in.
John RivasI'm Here Now, 2021, 2021Mixed media, staples, embroidery, and cyanotype on canvas
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