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Allison Zuckerman and Roy LichtensteinDifferent Strokes with Different FolksJul 2nd - Jul 17th 2022
An exhibition pairing new paintings by Allison Zuckerman with historic works by Roy Lichtenstein

Allison Zuckerman has made a new body of work that celebrates Lichtenstein (1923-1997), one of her painting heroes, whose approach to image making she has in many ways emulated and built upon in her own practice. Zuckerman sees Lichtenstein as an artist whose work evinces a deep investment in Art History that he presents using the visual language of his own time. Whereas Lichtenstein used the benday dot to signify the advent of mechanically reproduced imagery and mass media, Zuckerman uses the square motif of the pixel. In other words: the pixel in her work is the contemporary analogue to Lichtenstein’s benday dot. Passage of rhinestone grids similarly stand in for the benday dot motif while also referencing the advent of Instagram filters.

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66 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, NY
Allison ZuckermanElvin Queen, 2022Oil, acrylic, archival CMYK ink on canvas73 x 56 in
Allison ZuckermanA Sudden Splash of Insight, 2022Acrylic, wood, Swarovski crystals, archival CMYK ink on canvas64 x 50 in
Roy LichtensteinInterior without Ashtray (Study), 1996Graphite and colored pencil on pape9 x 6½
Allison ZuckermanThe Music Man, 2022Acrylic, Swarovski crystals, archival CMYK ink on canvas75 x 66 in
Allison ZuckermanWhen she was good, 2022Oil, acrylic, wood, archival CMYK ink on canvas54 x 44 in
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